Qubes OS summit 2022

Arthur Rasmusson

Arthur Rasmusson is member of the OpenMdev project as well as co-founder of Arc Compute, a GPU virtualization software company and high performance cloud provider based in Toronto Ontario Canada.

  • GPU Virtual Machine (GVM)
Brent Cowing

Brent is the founder and CEO of Protectli, a trusted provider of small form factor computers used for firewalls, hypervisors, and everything in between. Brent has worked in technology for companies such as Cisco, Samsung, EMC, Dell, and Veritas before founding Protectli in 2017. He is passionate about open source and is dedicated to bringing open source firmware to small form factor hardware for use in mainstream and everyday applications.

  • Secure hardware for a secure operating system

Deeplow is passionate about privacy and wishes to make Qubes more accessible to journalists and other at-risk populations. He’s been contributing to the project both as a volunteer (forum admin; MSc. project) and having recently worked in the Qubes team as a part-time job, funded by Internews. He's a maintainer of Dangerzone, contracting with the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

  • Qubes OS: Towards Being a Reasonably Learnable System
Demi Marie Obenour

I write software for Invisible Things Lab, and currently work on Qubes OS.

  • PipeWire and Qubes Video Companion
Frédéric Pierret

PhD in Applied Mathematics for Astronomy and Physics PGP: 77EE EF6D 0386 962A EA8C F84A 9B82 73F8 0AC2 19E6 Member of @QubesOS and @InvisibleThingsLab.

  • Next generation of Qubes OS builder
Jan Suhr
  • Tailoring Qubes for Enterprises

Software dev & dreamer.

  • Qubes OS Documentation Localization
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki

Marek is an experienced system architect and Linux administrator. He specializes in security and virtualization. His work as an active open-source contributor can be found in projects like Linux kernel, Linux-HA, Xen, and, of course, Qubes OS. Marek holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Warsaw.

  • Qubes OS development status update
  • Design session: graphical subsystem (GPU, Wayland)
  • Design session: hardware requirements, firmware security
Marta Marczykowska-Górecka

I am is an experienced Python developer, database admin, and analyst. After some years of working in corporate IT sector, I now work on Qubes OS, particularly on GUIs. I have a master's degree in psychology and math from the University of Warsaw.

  • Qubes OS Policy: Adventures in UX/UI Design
Michael Z

Senior Software Engineer on the SecureDrop team at Freedom of the Press Foundation

  • Building secure applications with Qubes OS
Michał Kopeć
  • Dasharo vs vendor firmware performance on QubesOS - a comparison
Michał Żygowski

Michał Żygowski is a versatile engineer with a strong focus on system firmware. Works as a firmware engineer at 3mdeb. Active contributor of coreboot and other open-source projects. Core coreboot developer, maintainer of Braswell SoC, PC Engines, Protectli, and Libretrend platforms. Loves traveling and attending conferences, which actively speaks on. Mainly interested in the firmware, security, and advanced hardware features.

  • Qubes OS on modern Alder Lake desktop
  • TrenchBoot - the only AEM-way to boot Qubes OS
  • Qubes User Support Stories
Piotr Król

Piotr Król is a multi-disciplinary executive running 3mdeb. Piotr helps companies worldwide realize their products’ potential by supporting upgradeability and enabling advanced hardware features through Dasharo open-source firmware distribution and the surrounding ecosystem.

His career started in Intel’s Data Center Division. He went from building storage controller validation frameworks to implementing hardware initialization code for modern server platforms as BIOS Software Engineer realizing that the firmware ecosystem has to change and become more open.

After seven years at Intel, Piotr started his own consulting company. Piotr specializes in Embedded Firmware (coreboot, UEFI/EDK2/BIOS, training, and security), Embedded Linux (Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWrt), and Trusted Execution Environments. His teams contributed to NGI projects related to the open-source implementation of Trusted Computing D-RTM (aka TrenchBoot), a firmware update for QubesOS and BSD systems, and to work on bringing more open-source firmware and hardware-related projects in the future.

He is an active leader in the firmware and security community, speaking at events like the Platform Security Summit, Qubes OS summit, Linux Plumbers Conference, Open Source Firmware Conference, and FOSDEM. He educates new generations of firmware engineers by creating and improving OpenSecurityTraining2 and OpenEnterpriseTraining learning paths. Piotr is open-source software and open-source hardware evangelist, active in the open-source firmware (e.g., coreboot) and Linux communities.

  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2022 Day 2
  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2022 Day 1
  • Qubes OS Summit 2022 - Day 2 closing notes
  • Qubes OS Summit 2022 - Day 1 closing notes
Puck Meerburg
  • Isolating GUIs with the power of Wayland
Tobias Killer
  • Qubes OS Documentation Localization
Wessel klein Snakenborg

Founder of NovaCustom, a custom laptop brand in the Netherlands. Passionate about laptops, laser engraving, firmware development, and the latest computer hardware in general. Loves open source projects and computer freedom.

  • How Dasharo coreboot based firmware helps NovaCustom's customers