Deeplow has been using Qubes since R3.2 and is especially interested in making Qubes more accessible to at-risk populations like journalists and Human Rights defenders. He's currently working at Freedom of the Press Foundation on a Qubes-trusted-PDF-like tool called Dangerzone, but with OCR and compression (now being ported to Qubes).

  • Multi VM application
  • From Zero to Hero: Video Tutorials for Qubes OS (fully recorded & edited on Qubes)
Demi Marie Obenour

Demi is a software developer for Invisible Things Lab. She currently works on Qubes OS.

  • Qubes OS and Ecosystem Changes: How Can We Change With Them?


  • Qubes OS Documentation Localization
Maciej Pijanowski

Engineering Manager at 3mdeb with years of experience in engineering and management. Open-source software enthusiast and contributor. Interested in embedded systems in general, build systems, security.

  • TrenchBoot Anti Evil Maid: Roadmap, Challenges, and Advancements
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki

Marek is an experienced system architect and Linux administrator. He specializes in security and virtualization. His work as an active open-source contributor can be found in projects like Linux kernel, Linux-HA, Xen, and, of course, Qubes OS. Marek holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Warsaw.

  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2023 Day 1
  • Qubes OS contributing process
  • Qubes OS development status update
  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2023 Day 2
Marta Marczykowska-Górecka

After a varied collection of careers ranging from translation to data analysis, I currently am a Python programmer and UI/UX designer working on making Qubes OS more usable for everyone.

  • Bad UX is Bad Security: Adventures in Qubes OS UX Design
  • Device UX Redesign
  • Device UX Design Session
Piotr Bartman-Szwarc

Qubes OS developer

  • Universal Second Factor and Qubes OS 4.2: can we still use our old U2F keys?
Piotr Król

I am a passionate advocate for open-source firmware solutions, with a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of transparency, innovation, and trustworthiness. At the heart of my journey is 3mdeb, where we've cultivated a vision emphasizing user liberty, simplicity, and privacy.

Building a healthy community is paramount to me. In an era where toxic incentives can drive some communities, I believe in fostering an environment prioritizing genuine collaboration and shared growth. Through events like Dasharo Users Group, Dasharo Developers vPub, Qubes OS Summit, and FOSDEM's Open Source Firmware devroom, we aim to bring together like-minded individuals who share our vision. Our contributions to platforms like OpenSecurityTraining2 further underscore our commitment to knowledge sharing and community building.

As the founder of 3mdeb, my role is not just about overseeing operations but also about embodying the company's vision and mission. From strategic decision-making to understanding the intricacies of our technology, every day presents a new challenge and an opportunity to drive our vision forward.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm a casual chess and bridge player, an avid reader, and a nature enthusiast who finds solace in the forest. My interests span across theology, philosophy, and psychology, reflecting my innate curiosity and desire to understand the world around me. Whether it's exploring new technological frontiers or delving into a philosophical text, I approach life with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge.

  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2023 Day 1
  • Tailoring Your Qubes OS Environment: A Developer’s Guide to Leveraging SaltStack
  • A Collaborative Endeavor: Our Journey Towards Enhancing Trustworthiness of Computing Devices
  • Qubes OS Summit 2023 - Day 2 closing notes
  • Qubes OS Summit 2023 - Day 1 closing notes
  • Welcome to Qubes OS Summit 2023 Day 2
  • Creating a Tool to Check Platform Security Features for Qubes OS
  • Platform Security Design Session
Simon Gaiser

I'm working for ITL, currently on getting S0ix support in Qubes OS.

  • S0ix support for Qubes OS: A quick update
Wessel klein Snakenborg

Wessel klein Snakenborg is passionate about technology since childhood. He launched NovaCustom in 2015, crafting tailor-made laptops with privacy and security in mind. With a focus on user-friendliness, NovaCustom continues to redefine the laptop experience, led by Wessel's commitment to innovation and collaboration.

  • NovaCustom October 2023 update, anti-tamper solutions and Heads firmware demonstration